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A very outgoing girl with a lot of friends. A social butterfly. She can balance looking good, after school activities, good grades, and an awesome personality all at the same time. She can be an amazing friend and super nice when she wants to be, and a real bitch to the people she hates. If you mess with her, she will be hard to gain her trust back. She has been though a lot and over the years gets stronger, prettier, and just better. She's really funny and so much fun to be around. You definitely want to be friends with her! Oh and she is Indian, sometimes someone from Fiji as well.
Damn, that girl is so unique and gorgeous!
That is a Roshni alright!
by Gbuuter$ki November 28, 2011
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Means Sunlight, Infinite Power Of The Sun. Or A Woman Similiar To The Greek Godess Aphrodite.
Look At That Roshni Her Power Is Amazing, And Her Godess Like Elegance
by Lyran077 March 13, 2011
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A girl whom very boy wants. ..kind,cute,hot,fuking bitch.. .if uh will do messs with her thn the bitch will come to play ..once she loves or attracted to someone she won't leave him. ..alwyz there foh help.....makes many frnds n can do nythg foh them ... .if uhh break her trust then she won't trust uhh again
Kria: is she RoShni.?
Reyansh : no she is not RoShni. .she is fuking hot . . .
by Raniiii June 17, 2018
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A poker term referring to a female who destroys a man's will to live by repeatedly beating him in big pots. Rumored to collect souls as well as blinds. Frequently makes call decisions based on the sunk cost fallacy.
Even though she still brought a card listing the order of hands to the table, everyone knew she was a seasoned Roshni.
by WPR January 07, 2006
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the native word in india used for retardation and extreme cases of disease.
oh lord krishna! i have suffered a severe case of roshni and can not perform my nightly "activities"
by rikesh January 20, 2007
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