Annoying biatch who needs a crown and a sash to prove she is beautiful on the eys of old perverted judges.
Are you still dating that beauty queen?, she looks good, but damn she's stuck-up and annoying.
by halloforreal November 29, 2013
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This term describes a certain type of girl/woman from Baltimore, Maryland or its surrounding localities. She is caucasian and can be easily identified by her wardrobe of pajama bottoms, sweat pants, flip flops, baggy t-shirts, no bra and a constant habit of adjusting her thong as it sinks between her generous skin folds. She speaks slang-filled broken english, smokes menthol cigarettes, drinks whatever everybody else is drinking and has a tendency toward volitility and sometimes destructive anger.

It is strongly recommended that one take extreme caution when interacting with a Baltimore Beauty Queen.
"Yeah, there she goes, with the pink sweatpants that say 'Baby Girl' on the butt, Angela sure is a Baltimore Beauty Queen."
by Saiga12 April 16, 2011
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When a woman who is very physically attractive becomes used to and comes to expect to be waited on, treated special, and pampered because it its what society has allowed them to come to expect..
Sally had such Beauty Queen syndrome that she never got married because nobody could meet her expectations..
by climbinlife420 March 6, 2011
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A group of expectations aquired by females who have been physically attractive through their lives such that they expect pereferential and exceptional treatment from males as a matter of ordinary life.
Hey, she's got Beauty Queen Syndrome. She'll expect you to wait on her hand and foot.
by climbinlife420 March 6, 2011
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Linda:Jerry beat up his wife last night, you know, the trailer park beauty queen.

Bertha: That bastard!
by Wouldn't you like to know. December 18, 2004
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the most perfect woman in all the land. When you look at her all of your problems will seem meaningless as you are captivated by her natural beauty. She is superior to all other women, making her a queen. You'll find yourself thinking you must be dreaming because you've never come across a woman this flawless. Lastly, you will know you have found a BQDS by the beautiful sparkle in her eyes that look like their galaxy of stars.

/Byoo-tee Kween Dreem Staar/
I have never been fortunate enough to see a Beauty Queen Dream Star with my own eyes before, but I heard there is one named Taylor of Rocklin.
by BeanDip69 May 19, 2021
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Not to be confused with beauty queen, a beautiful queen is a woman that is either an active duty or veteran Marine. Most marry what females call a Genteel or Great White Buffalo. Together they make a very felicitous couple. They mainly origionate near or around the Midwest. Beautiful queens always look very pulchritudinous and are extremely bedable.
"My Tootsie Wootsie has many "pet names," but Beautiful Queen is her title."
by TamPatty8210 January 11, 2021
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