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The most beautiful girl in the world. She's perfection in it's purest form. Her eyes are a soft Amber the fades to dark brown. Her smile brings light to the world and her laugh can cure diseases. She's the most caring and considerate woman in the world. Her love is unconditional and not to be taken forgranted. Once you meet her your life is changed for the better. Her hugs fix all your problems, her kisses take you to heaven and all your problems are gone. Her voice can send you to a place of serenity that you never want to leave. When you hear the name Rori you can be sure the she's the most amazing girl in the world. DONT LET HER GO!
Sumi: you broke up with ash
Simul: yea she's a jackass
Sumi: well who you dating now
Simul: Rori I'm so glad me and ashlie broke up
Sumi: OMG! dude how did you get her
Simul: I don't know but I'm glad I did
Sumo: Man, your lucky don't let go of this one
Simul:I won't I'm not letting anything mess this up
by RJM's lover July 15, 2011
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n. A cool, sexy, but slightly nerdy girl; a chick; a fangrl pl. rories

etymology note: does not derive directly from RORITA
"There were a couple of rories at the comic shop, but i didn't get a chance to talk to them."
by teh editrix March 10, 2005
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A cute little girl with body looks like under 10 years old. Usually refers to Asian girls, because their face generally look more "baby-like".
Look at that rori over there, I think she's in elementry school.
by Kythdsifek June 28, 2005
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