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The plural for RIP, also used as a more extreme way of saying unlucky.
Person 1: "Both of my pet animals died
Person 2: "Roop"

Person 1: "I broke up with my girlfriend"
Person 2: "Roop"
by Judobog June 21, 2018
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Beautiful, cute girl who is strong yet kind and is very loving towards others and she is a supporting, loyal friend with true opinions
Girl: wow! She's so cute and beautiful, I wish I was Roop
by Cool123smileurawesome February 19, 2015
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The backwards spelling of the word "poor." You use "roop" when you don't want someone to know that you are calling them poor.
Where the hell are Leifman's sheets? He's so roop.
by Lebron Leifman November 13, 2010
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Well... how to put this...

Red shit.
"Doc, I've had red feces the last few days."
"Well, Billy... that's roop and I'm telling all my friends."
by The Queen Of Chodes November 14, 2004
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The backwards spelling of poor, so you can call a person poor without them knowing about it.
Hey where are all of his sheets?

I don't know, he's so roop he can't even afford them

Ya that's what I heard too
by leifyFisroop November 15, 2010
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