Refers to someone who typically stays in their room for over two thirds of their day in their room, hence the name. Roomers neglect the outside world and usually have an attention span that is too short to allow them to effectively accomplish anything they want to do and will usually fantasize about any possible future accomplishments they wish to achieve.
Guy 1: "My god I'm starting to get sick of Jack staying in his room all day."
Guy 2: "He's basically a roomer at this point. We're probably never going to see him again."
by General Wilhelm November 13, 2019
A person (usually also a karen) who is fat by their own choice as a way to protest about the 'insufficient' room provided in public seating areas.
"Its rediculous that I have to pay for two seats on the air-plane when im only one person" kid across the aisle "look at this roomer".
by Kea301 January 15, 2020
a person who is born from 1959 to 1979 who thinks that zoomers are retards such as saying "These zoomers are dumb the old shows were better" or "i think that trump is helping us do more better things". also a older boomer.
by Nicks Definitions November 22, 2019
A guy who loves checking out different rooms.
"Dude, you know Jonny?"
"He's a total roomer. I showed him my new wallpaper and he had to check out every other room in my house afterwards. Asshole"
by Gohi December 2, 2006
( rec roomer. Basically someone who plays the popular vr game alot and enjoys it more than real life itself)
i have 200+ hours in rec room. "Oh so your a rec roomer?"
by Elzeeb August 19, 2020
A term used to describe man who is an accomplished weight-lifter (weight room), a passionate lover (bedroom) and a big tipper at gentleman's clubs (champagne room).
Kristi: Oh that James Harrison what a stud.

Sandra: Yeah my sister used to date him, she said he's a three-roomer. He benches 500 lbs, always left her walking funny the next morning and threw around those big bills at Mons Venus.
by Jack Parkman November 20, 2009
A person who lives the Doomer lifestyle. However accepts the fact that they can not escape it.
“He may have no hope. But at least he’s a doomer and not a roomer
by Theguyfromdakota August 16, 2021