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Similar to a greek goddess; wisdom beyond manly understanding, patient and steadfast to her course. Very few that are as remarkable as her. Beauty that emminates from the inside out beginning at the tips of her well pedicured toes to the shiny hair atop her head. You will know when you are in her presence as you will feel the warmth that protrudes her every being.
For when Romaine walked into the room, everyone took notice, for she captivated them all with her beauty and her passion.
by bigbirdsernie February 03, 2010
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An awkward silence when someone is singing - you dont know whether to encourage or jeer.
"This is a serious Romaine happening now" Very rare in Italy, usually occur amongst pre - madonnas.
by Chris Pye March 01, 2005
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Calling everybody who doesn't fit in to your social standards a "nasty whore", giving your bestfriend's boyfriend a handjob, and having nasaly breaths.
My name is Romaine. I like to Romaine a lot.
by go_green301 April 18, 2008
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