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the use of aggressive skates to perform their own personal style of tricks on skate parks,street.

and is a great way to get out and have fun with friends as well as meeting new friends and relief stress from everyday activities eg. work,studies\school,video games and other family issues.

it is widely accepted as a athletic sport that is constantly progressing in all aspects and is a individual sport which means no one tells you what to do , which means that total freedom to skate how you want on what ever you want.

possabilities are endless with the wheels under your feet.
chris haffey,brian aragon,franky morales,jon julio,arlo eisenberg,chris edwards. rollerblader
by roll2create May 26, 2010
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someone who doesn't jump off a plank of wood every 3 seconds
the rollerblader skated something besides the foot high ledge
by AKLOR!!!!! September 05, 2005
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people who dont skate the same material the skate ramps are made of

they are creative, they can do more than manual, they dont have to skate a curb

they dont get in the way, they dont go up ramps and launch their objects at you cause they cant skate (coff skateboarders coff)
rollerblader1:cmon lets go skate that rail
rollerblader2:yea, i want to get a kindgrind on it

skater1:WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! (friedns gather) ITS A CURB, ill be 50/50ing this thing! thank god for curbs
skater2:anywhere i can manual?
by IRoll November 09, 2005
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some shit cunt wearing some plastic things on his feet.
Tommo:That rollerblader has nothing better to do
Ben:i reakon guys , what a shit cunt
by Darren Thomson April 28, 2005
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A person who rollerblades. unable to skateboard or ride bmx, these people run around on fruitboots or inline rollerblades.
one step above scooter fags in the social heirarchy of extreme sports.
rollerblader : you don't sell rollerblades here perchance do you?
skate shop owner : do your parents know you're here?
by yesaskater October 22, 2009
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