A game played on either a flat track or banked track. Members of both teams wear quad skates and circle the track in packs. The pack for each team consists of a pivot and three blockers. There is also a jammer for each team on the track who tries to score points by passing opposing blockers.

The pivots job is to keep control of the pack speed. The blockers job is to keep the opposing jammer from getting through the pack and to assist their own jammer through.

{Roller derby or derby is played in two minute increments called jams. Jams continue for a twenty minute period. There are three periods in a bout.

Roller derby is a full contact sport, where players are encouraged to knock down their opponents by hitting them (also called blocking). Each league maintains their own rules of blocking.

The history of roller derby spans from the 1930's, to the present. In it's current incarnation, it is typically an all-female sport, and the vast majority of roller derby leagues play on a flat track. Play between flat track leagues is governed by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, or WFTDA who impose rules of the sport and the league for membership. There are currently (as of October 2006) over 500 flat and banked track leagues around the world, most of which are DIY all-female leagues who govern themselves. Each league can impose it's own standards and rules for inner league play.

Roller derby can also be used as an adjective to describe a tough girl, or an activity that is aggressive and rough.

Women who play roller derby are often called derby girls or rollergirls.
Roller derby is one of the few women's sports that allow women to be aggressive and tough.

Roller derby, bitches!

That is so roller derby!
by Cat O'Ninetails October 25, 2006
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A sport for any woman from any walk of life (straight or gay, Republican or Democrat, house wife or working mom, single or married, rich or poor) who doesn't fit into "normal" sports but loves being active. Mostly for those girls who were never very girly, but who embrase their womanhood as adults.
If you can't play nice play roller derby.

Roller derby, perfect for the girls who ripped the heads off their dolls.
by Elemental Tiff October 29, 2010
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That girl plays Roller Derby so you know she's bad ass!!!
by Annsanity August 28, 2008
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girls (and sometimes boys), skating on a circular track, hitting each other down and such. did i mention their wearing fishnets and tiny mini skirts. basically, The single hottest thing i have ever witnessed.
Roller Derby; a sport for the girls who tore the heads off their barbies.
by Nana H.H. Semaj February 28, 2011
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Code for swingers club. Akin to the Jebus fish in days of old. Men commonly approach women in a nonchalant way and ask if they'd like to join their roller derby team.
"Hey Risha, we think you'd make a great member in our Roller Derby Team, you look pretty flexible."
by StrangerDanger313 November 28, 2011
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a sport on skates!! its played on either a bank track or flat track by mostly females of all types! first there are four blockers from each team which consists of the pivot...yes the pivot is a blocker too. the pivot controls the speed of the pack and tells the other blockers where they want them on the track to form an affective "wall"!! then there is 1 jammer from each team. the jammer is the one that scores the points. (one point for each blockers hips she passed of the opposing team) the blockers form the "wall" to keep the opposing jammer from getting through the pack and letting their jammer through. the jammer to get through the pack first is the lead jammer. the lead jammer has the ability to call off the jam to keep the other jammer from scoring any points!! if a jammer is sent to the penalty box this is called a "power jam" which the jammer that is on the track will continuously skate the track to score as many points as she possibly can until she is joined by the opposing teams jammer!! it truly is a great sport and if you think its all lesbians with beer belly's then you are highly misinformed!! go check out your local team and talk to some of the girls!! you may end up joining the fun yourself!! there is a mutual understanding and sisterhood that comes along with derby.
i have no examples of roller derby!! go watch a bout!! its the only way to really learn the sport!!
by ladycupcake1983 March 24, 2013
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a heart that, when mowed down by love, gets right back up again
Oh my god, did you hear that Nancy's married boyfriend totally stopped talking to her? I would kill myself.

She'll be fine, she's got a roller derby heart.
by SadieRamone May 19, 2011
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