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a sport on skates!! its played on either a bank track or flat track by mostly females of all types! first there are four blockers from each team which consists of the pivot...yes the pivot is a blocker too. the pivot controls the speed of the pack and tells the other blockers where they want them on the track to form an affective "wall"!! then there is 1 jammer from each team. the jammer is the one that scores the points. (one point for each blockers hips she passed of the opposing team) the blockers form the "wall" to keep the opposing jammer from getting through the pack and letting their jammer through. the jammer to get through the pack first is the lead jammer. the lead jammer has the ability to call off the jam to keep the other jammer from scoring any points!! if a jammer is sent to the penalty box this is called a "power jam" which the jammer that is on the track will continuously skate the track to score as many points as she possibly can until she is joined by the opposing teams jammer!! it truly is a great sport and if you think its all lesbians with beer belly's then you are highly misinformed!! go check out your local team and talk to some of the girls!! you may end up joining the fun yourself!! there is a mutual understanding and sisterhood that comes along with derby.
i have no examples of roller derby!! go watch a bout!! its the only way to really learn the sport!!
by ladycupcake1983 March 24, 2013

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