Rolling a Blunt is where both your hand and ass are so sweaty, that when you wipe it, the toilet paper rolls up into a cigar shape.
I was hanging out at an open air bar in Aruba. It was so hot. Drenched in sweat, and lousy with the swamp ass, I had to drop a deuce. The only option was a non air conditioned bathroom. I knew I was going to Roll a Blunt. There's not enough toilet paper on the island for this.
by Shart Enthusiast April 30, 2016
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The act of removing tobacco from a cigar, and replacing it with marijuana for the purpose of consumption by smoking. Sometimes found to be complicated until perfected by experience.
The other day, I was rolling a blunt when you called, so I couldn't pick up.
by AsIfYouDidn'tAlreadyKnow January 6, 2012
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Just as it says dumbass get new era jackass..
Im rolling a blunt not a joint jackass.
by Asshole317 February 16, 2018
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