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Rolling a Blunt is where both your hand and ass are so sweaty, that when you wipe it, the toilet paper rolls up into a cigar shape.
I was hanging out at an open air bar in Aruba. It was so hot. Drenched in sweat, and lousy with the swamp ass, I had to drop a deuce. The only option was a non air conditioned bathroom. I knew I was going to Roll a Blunt. There's not enough toilet paper on the island for this.
by Shart Enthusiast April 29, 2016
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An orphan is where your ass is so sweaty that you can't get enough traction with your dry fingers to complete the wipe. The toilet paper just hangs there stuck to your ass. You'll need to get more toilet paper to rescue the dangler.
My swamp ass took me by surprise. I went to wipe, but when I brought the toilet paper to eye level to check for blood, it was MIA. Had to grab another ream to rescue the orphan. Sweet Jesus, I hope the toilet doesn't back up.
by Shart Enthusiast April 29, 2016
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