A male with the biggest heart. Is a huge comedian. Great at sports! Makes all the girls laugh. Dimples for days!
by Mermaid0444 December 20, 2016
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A very unique spelling of ‘Jackson’ it can also be spelt Jaxon. Gets all the girls and makes a lot of people laugh, can be annoying sometimes but in a good way.
Stephanie: Omg, look at Jaxxon!
Gabriella: He is so hot!!!!
Stephanie: Should I go talk to him?
Gabriella: Yes girl, go ahead!
by Jacob Hoffman November 01, 2017
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A very loyal strong protective guy, usually very tall and handsome. He will do anything for the girl or boy, he loves. Don’t treat him wrong.
There’s Jaxxon! Aww he’s walking with his best friend again!
by JaylenAro February 25, 2019
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