the very heart and soul of any band
without him/her any rock band is no more
then a boy band with Marshall half stacks
they usually use a combonation of finger
picking,slapping/popping,and picking to get their orgasmic sound that makes the crowd jump,along with the drummer the bassist is the sexiest member of the group and thereby usually ends up with the most groupies...or a hot girlfriend.Oh, and a quick side note;recent archeological digs have proven that not only did jesus and budah play bass,so did Zeus.
OMG,that bassist is sooooo sexy,i want him right now!!!
by Ryan the greatest July 11, 2008
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A musically inclined person who, instead of being a showman (like most guitarists, but not all) is more the pure musician along with the drummer, the pianist, and the mandolin player, the "musician in the group.

But the main job (this, coming from a bass player) is to translate the languages between the guitarist and the drummer, for they speak two totally different languages.

And popular to popular opinion, the bass player does not usually create the rhythm or even state it for the guitarist to play along with, it is the drummer that does that in most circumstances. The bass player in most occasions adds to that rhythm and makes it more complex, or creates a bas(s)is for drum solos.
Guitarist: Dude! I am the leader of this band.
Drummer: *obscure mumbling*
Guitarist: What'd he say?
Bassist: He said you're a douche, dude.
by Matthew Berg January 3, 2008
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A bassist is a musician who plays either stand-up bass or the bass guitar. He/she provides the rhythmic and harmonic foundation to a song, and is found in most any type of music, including jazz, rock, heavy metal, salsa, classical, funk, and even hip-hop.

Due to simplistic and unimaginative musicians taking over the rock mainstream, the bassist is often looked at as the guy in the background thumping along on the E-string, playing root notes and doubling the rhythm guitar. Anyone who thinks this cannot rightly be blamed; after all, there are so many "I play 4 notes per song and contribute nothing" bassists out there such as Paul Thomas, Brent Wilson, Pete Wentz, and David Desrosiers (to name a few) that the instrument hardly gets any recognition among casual music fans. The aforementioned, however, are actually not bassists but something called "failed guitarists" who had too much trouble with bar chords but decided they wanted to be in a band anyway, and switched to bass. Such "musicians" have no business being in the same category as Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Flea, and even nu-metalers like Fieldy and Ryan Martinie who gave something to music.

What goes unrealized is how the right bassline, played by a true bassist and not just a failed guitarist, can make an otherwise average song extraordinary.
Person 1: Hey, I can't even hear the bassist in this song.

Person 2: Yeah, because he's just playing the root notes and the producer tuned him out because his timing sucks anyway.


Person 1: Dude, the bass in this Primus track is sick!

Person 2: Yeah, Claypool is a truly awesome bassist.
by Chernorizets Hrabr January 14, 2007
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The member of the band with the largest genitalia.
Person #1: Dude, have you seen Billy's junk? That thing is monstrous!
Person #2: No surprise there; he's a bassist.
by Gerard Sonnier June 24, 2009
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1.A person who has probably banged your girlfriend, because girls cannot seem to resist them, because deep sounds are arousing to women.

2.a female bassist is common and is usually underappreciated visually, and is often stereotyped as a lesbian.
1.Why do you think men have deep voices?

2.I'm a female bassist, and the other girls in my band get all the attention.
by aphroDZax February 12, 2006
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1) A musician who plays the bass guitar (or bass); the long version is a bass guitarist.

And apparently...
2) A person who hates bass or bass guitarist (combining a word such as "racist" to "bass")
Although, that gets extremely and ironically confusing.
~ "Oh my god! That bassist is fighting the bassist!"
- "Uh, what? You mean that two bass players are hitting each other?"
~ "No! It started when a bassist in the audience was talking down the bassist on the stage."
- "Why?"
~ "Because that bassist insulted that bassist for being a bassist, what a bassist wouldnormally do."
- "(?_?)............... okay..."
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One whom is prejudice against those who play the bass.

On the way to the gig, the bass player was lynched by a group of bassists.
by DollaBill Johnson November 25, 2006
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