it is possibly the crunkest last name in the world,a shorter version on the word is ROD, Hot Rod is also acceptable
Hey Rodriguez you going to drink with us tonight?
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The name in which 50% of hispanic families possess.. Or maybe even 75% depends on your area
Friend 1 "Aye whats Aaron's last name?"
Friend 2 "Shit I don't know just put Rodriguez, that works almost every time"
Aaron Rodriguez "Hey guys whats up?"
by TheBrokePlayer July 27, 2017
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When your spouse and children go on vacation without you…. you’re on A Rodriguez.
Hey! do you hear that near complete silence? That’s me on A Rodriguez!
by eVarese July 22, 2021
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Rodriguez is lovely person. But very sneaky better watch out. If you meet a Rodriguez he’s a keeper loves to do stuff a good kisser and can use his finger. Loves to watch movies hates being told what to do. Rodriguez has a big booty. Pulls his pants down in public a lot and did I mention he has a slanger
Rodriguez what are we going to do today?
by @therelatableone December 4, 2019
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the act of publicly showing your butthole to someone because they have opinions that differ from your own
Im totally gonna rodriguez that nazi
by merman24000 August 29, 2018
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Usualy a fake name black people and white people and iranian and iraqi people use to sound more exotic when their usual surnames are ‘ al hameedi’’ alajebeedegifigi’ or black and white people whos surnames are ‘smith’ ‘philips’ etc . Usually used by people that use sun beds and advertise using sun beds to make it look like they werent born black , People who are ashamed of their ethnicity. Very common in Scotland around or by middle eastern Kurdish asian and Iraqi girls so they can act Brazilian really pathetic people.
Miss Lopez: what is arrissa al hadeebi wearing a sombrero for and wwaring green contact lenses? Eiw Jose: dont you know she changed her name to rodriquez apparently how pathetic whats wrong with her lets pretend we believe her eyes are real hahaha Fredrico: omg look at shaniqua why is she posting on facebook that she has a beautiful deep tan from the sunbeds she was born black why is she so ashamed Ricardo: she has been telling people she is portugese when she doenst know a word, why is she so ashamed of her dads ethnicity and swapped her surname for rodriguez. How lame . Shaniqua rodriguez , lets pretend we believe her and praise her tan juan: wow joanne hase changed her surname to rodriguez they dient let her in the club with her real id thats so funny Miss lopez: still doesnt look spanish her surgery is soooo obvious , dont know why she lies to people that her name is rodrigues its obviously fake hahahah wish i was there when it happened
by Yadunknowfam February 8, 2020
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