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A gay buddy, also spelled "gaybuddy" or "gay-buddy," is a homosexual male friend of a heterosexual female. While a girl may know several gay males, she will usually only have one gay buddy, a queer who she has nominated as being above the rest, the one she comes to for aid in such fields as relationship advice and fashion, most anything that a gay guy would be helpful with or sympathetic towards. While a girl will only have one gay buddy, a gay buddy may have several girls, entitled fag-hags, that form his harem.

The common gay buddy often fulfills a need for the girl, coming across as a non-threatening male figure, who can provide the guy's opinion without the usual sexually-motivated advances. A gay buddy is usually comedic, perhaps not intentionally but as a side-effect of the conversations that will ensue, namely involving the discussion of other hot guys (which is unusual for most girls, often times unacquainted to discussing males with males) or the finer points of gay sexual activities.

Above all, a gay buddy must be trustworthy and helpful, as he is to carry the secrets of most of his fag-hags with the utmost confidentiality. If he leaks a secret, be it intentionally or on accident, the harem is usually disbanded, and the queer is revoked of his status as a gay buddy.

Many powerful gay buddies transend their close groups and become Pimps to an extent of the word, people with connections to a large multitude of women. However, the status of pimp is much less personal than the status of gay buddy, and, as such, the term gay buddy is still applied to the homosexual and his close female friends, while pimp is the term for the loose connections between a popular gay male and his hoes. The difference is in the familiarity of the status.

Perhaps one of the stressed aspects of Gay Buddyship is the hug. Every gay buddy is expected to hug each and every one of his fag-hags on a regular basis. The hug establishes the girl's status as a fag-hag and boy's as gay buddy, marking the close emotional bond they share. It's not uncommon for a gay buddy to kiss his fag-hags on the cheek, but neither is it necessary.
Fag-Hag: You know I don't ask anybody this, but I really need some help.

Gay Buddy: With what? Is Tony being an ass again?

Fag-Hag: No, Tony's great. I took your advice, and it really worked. He totally gets my point now.

Gay Buddy: Good, but what's the problem, doll?

Fag-Hag: I totally need a dress for Homecoming!

Gay Buddy: Oh, that's not a problem at all! With your form, we can find something real nice!
by Ironist921 October 28, 2006
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