Baby im the fashion.. demon.. ridin down candler road and im speedin.. i got hella hoes tryna fuck me n my bros... i got hella shows lined up im on the road....
yooo bro do you like if looks could kill by destroy lonely? I kinda feel like that wolf in the meme right now broo..
by Rap fan ig March 14, 2023
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when a person is extremely hot, OR extremely angry and about to whoop some serious ass.
damn, that girl is smokin', if looks could kill...
by Allie O'Mally May 5, 2007
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This term means when someone looks at another person(or thing) and can imagine it dying. said person usually has good reason for these looks. often includes an unhappy facial expression, glares, and swearing under their breathe.
"Look at that girl!! the stapler keeps screwing up on her. If looks could kill, that stapler would be in a million pieces!"

"Geesh. if only looks could kill"
by X.x.Almost.Auttie.x.X October 14, 2011
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A phrase used to denote a glare or angry look at someone that is so intense, it would kill someone with just the intensity of the emotion behind it (if that were possible). Typically used when someone is extremely angry about something but can’t openly speak about it.
“I heard she caught him cheating and left, but they ran into each other at the party last night. If looks could kill, he’d already be dead.”
by wordley September 20, 2022
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