A person, male or female, devoted to a life of rocking.
Generally seen donning Def Leppard or AC/DC shirts.

Oft times seen with a banada securing down the top half of a mullet.

Likes Bitchin' Cameros.

Patiently waiting the day when he/she will take the stage and no longer be a roadie.
by sweetdelilah June 14, 2004
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1. A game developer known for its kick ass games such as: grand theft auto, red dead redemption, midnight club, etc.
2. Someone who is more focused on partying than anything else. Known to take heavy drugs such as weed, acid, coke and crack.
3. An energy drink that kicks ass.
1. I just bought grand theft auto 4, a game made by rockstar.
2. That rockstar never knows when to stop.
3. I just got wired on rockstar energy drink.
by ironmaiden8667 June 16, 2010
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A douchebag trying to look like a rockstar or celebrity by wearing sunglasses indoors or at night.
I'm at the club Rockstarring with my shades on.
by redditguy2012 October 9, 2011
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Rockstars are Jaden Hosslers fandom. They are sweet , caring and kind. Rockstars are so talented and deserve the world just like Jaden <3
I love Rockstars
by Char Addi Dix Jay January 18, 2021
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someone who thinks they are a rockstar because they play a musical instrument and have a rockstar haircut. They usually live in dream world believing their big break into the scene is just around the corner. This belief system carries well into their 40's or even 50's and some will never realise the truth of their existance. Seems to mainly affect christian musicians and guitar players. Christain's bands that go on tour in in a third world country that think that because a big crowd turned out they are rock legends when in reality it's the only form of entertainment these people have ever had.
Dude 1: did you hear Dave is in a band, he showed me his pictures on facebook, the crowd was huge?

Dude 2: yeah dude he plays in a christian rock band, those pictures are from Uganda.

Dude 1: Rockstaritis sufferer huh?

Dud 2: big styles!
by smaclib February 25, 2010
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Someone who wont let anything get them down. They may end up drinking a lot but they look at life as an adventure and dont let anyone or anything get them down. They rock the hardest because they've been recently hurt but never give up, never look down. You don't have to do drugs to rockstar but drinking is heavily encourged.

also, sometimes... They sleep with their jeans on.
"You're boyfriend broke up with you after two and a half years of you taking care of his unemployed butt? Rockstar it!"
by TheRockstarette October 27, 2011
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Rockstar is without a doubt the best makers of videogames out there. Of course, they're the makers of the beloved Grand Theft Auto series, but they make other great ones as well... I think their best work is seen in Red Dead Revolver. Rockstar aint never gonna care about what fuckers like Hilary Clinton say.
Lets pray to the game gods that Rockstar Games is never bought out by EA!

by Rockstar is the best July 15, 2006
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