Rockstar is a Youtuber well Rockstar & friends thats there full youtube channel but they try very hard to became a youtuber so wish them luck they have friends name lulu and molten there both youtubers there both really good friends Rockstar has dyslexia Rockstar is really funny
Rockstar: i live in America I MEAN KENTUCKY

Molten: Hahha im going to draw that
lulu: Hahaha omg
by halloweencakeboithing October 31, 2020
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When you are a whacking off and fingering your own ass while you have one leg of your choice up in a Captain Morgan stance. Gotta make sure you are head bangin and making guitar like sounds.
Dude I was totally thinking about your mom and pulled a rockstar.
by k-nuts925 January 29, 2011
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When your deep dicking a fine piece of ass and you pull out and cum on her stomach. You then dip your index finger in the cum and autograph her tits.
Damn that pussy is good and after I cum, I'm gonna rockstar that hoe.
by RogueNurse August 9, 2015
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a crack head. one who hits the stem.
he dont smoke weed , hes a rockstar
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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verb - to blow someone off as if you are too important for them, like a rockstar
Dave was supposed to meet us at the club, but, as usual, he rockstarred us and didn't show.
by Larry Stone July 7, 2004
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Roxx was riding me and screaming OH, OH, OH. She wanted it all night, what a rockstar!
by jj April 9, 2004
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The term used to describe a person who consumes a great amount of a control substance such as crack cocaine, with out showing any sighns of its usage.
1.Eddie's grandma is consider a rockstar by her family. 2.Rockstars love to use rocks and blows. 3.Eddies father became a rockstar at a young age. 4.I used to love her before she became a rockstar. 5.I lost my job when my boss caught me on the bathroom floor he said,"your fired fuckin rockstar".
by Big Gizzel January 21, 2006
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