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An idiotic school run by a band of fascists, where 85% of the student population should be taken out back and shot for general douchebaggery. Students have muscle cars that their parents bought them, such as mustangs, Camaro's, and Chargers. A tiny amount of people there actually understand that cars aren't about what you can buy, but what about you can build. Most girls at the school are stuck up whores, ugly, whales, or don't know a dick from a lawnmower. Few are worth talking to, and even fewer are worth dating. Most guys are douches that can't grasp the fact that everyone wants them dead. There are few exceptions to this rule, and a lot of those are hopeless romantics that know how to treat women decently. By the time you're a senior there, you have a list of people in your head that you want dead. People have shown up hammered, high, tripping balls, and some fucker got tased in the courtyard in '10. Some chick got expelled for fucking her boyfriend in the bathroom, and the middl

e stall in the guys locker room has so much shit drawn inside it. For a visual example, please Google Terminal lance #31: Shitter Graffiti.
Hey Ben, what school do you go to?
Viera High School.
I'm so sorry you go to that sorry excuse for a high school.
by KaBoom January 14, 2014
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A high school in Melbourne Florida. Mostly filled with spoiled rich kids who drive to school in mustangs that their rich parents bought them but they still act like they have a tough life and bitch and whine all day. They should each be stabbed with a rusty nail and set on fire for being such douche-bags.
by HiI'mARapist April 01, 2009
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A school in Viera Florida that revolves around parties, weed, and cliques. There is probably a fight once every millenium. It is full of spoiled brats who also do drugs and go to parties and drive their 'daddy's' car to school. There are probably 10 black people there because so many white dirt bags populate the school.
Student 1: I go to Viera High School!
Student 2: I'm sorry....
by ohhhhhhcayjay February 06, 2010
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