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Viera High School is literally worse than goddamn hell itself. Most of the wamen teachers are dumbass landwhales who know nothing about the subject they're teaching and give out excessive amounts of homework and then expect you to complete the entire thing, plus your other homework in a single fucking day. Theres really not much to say about the guy teachers, they're just as fat and boring as the female ones (no surprise there), but they have no concept of personal space and all of them give me the creeps. The school also has a large population of vsco girls, who think they're so cute and "popular" but in reality they drink water out of their hydroflasks to fill the dark and empty void in their snake hearts. Every single one of the cheerleaders is a vsco ape with no soul and practically on the same level as gingers. The uniform that they are apparently required to wear, doesnt even fit the dress code rules because it's so goddamn short, and everyone can see their hairy acne-covered coochies. There is a line of horny teenaged boys on the second floor who stare at the cheerleaders every Friday, and creepily drool all over their jojo siwa hairbows. Then after that they sit in the back of the class in first period and jack off to the thought of them.
Mom: "Oh fuck, well you're back from school. How was it?
Me: "Viera High School is the fucking worse, Aydyn shit himself for the third time this week, and the hallways stink."
Mom: "Sucks to be you."
by Janitor (jk dont fire him plz) September 23, 2019
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A high school in Melbourne Florida. Mostly filled with spoiled rich kids who drive to school in mustangs that their rich parents bought them but they still act like they have a tough life and bitch and whine all day. They should each be stabbed with a rusty nail and set on fire for being such douche-bags.
by HiI'mARapist April 01, 2009
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A school in Viera Florida that revolves around parties, weed, and cliques. There is probably a fight once every millenium. It is full of spoiled brats who also do drugs and go to parties and drive their 'daddy's' car to school. There are probably 10 black people there because so many white dirt bags populate the school.
Student 1: I go to Viera High School!
Student 2: I'm sorry....
by ohhhhhhcayjay February 06, 2010
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An "school" in Viera, Melbourne, Florida. %30 of students are rich clones of Logan Paul douchebags who think they live in the hood (%10 of which decide to pursue a life of petty crime and have already been in juvenile hall multiple times before the age of 17), %50 are rich thots/hoes, %10 are bisexual tumblr libtards, %5 are decent people, and %4 are niggers and %1 are normal blacks.

All the privileged rich students are annoying little shits, who blast terrible music on their $10,000 golf carts.
The white kids all say the n-word as if they were black, even though they would get their ass beat by black kids if they actually said that in any other "normal" school.
Though well-funded, it still gives a horrible education as the classes are all overpopulated and the teachers are ass.

If any brevard public school employees are reading this, fuck you. VHS is a useless tax sink and you people fucking suck.
by Cock&BallTorturer January 23, 2020
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