To propel yourself into the air by fire a rocket into the ground in a video game.
Last night when I was playing TF2 I did an insane rocket jump over the map!
by Rozzabozz February 15, 2015
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To fire an explosive missile at your feet whilst jumping, the act of which makes you accelerate quickly upwards. You must jump whilst doing this, because otherwise you will not gain much speed upwards and will inflict a lot more damage on yourself. Timing is important.
I rocket jumped on to my garage roof.
by Dr Ian April 10, 2003
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Propelling yourself into the air by pointing a rocket at your feet and shooting it.
"Back in my day we rocket-jumped to school, now a-days you kids sprint to school."
by whyareyoureadingme? February 28, 2016
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The process of using rockets to achieve added height when jumping in a game of Quake.
"Got to the Quad Damage via a well timed rocket jump."
by Mad Walrus August 7, 2002
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Dude, I just rocket jumped out of my chair, I swear I got hang time!
by pimpmastahanhduece September 18, 2019
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A mechanic in Team Fortress 2 that allows the soldier class to maneuver great distances at a high speed by shooting rockets at surfaces (floors, walls, props, etc), while sacrificing some health and ammo in order to do so. It is also essential to the process of market gardening, and by extention, Trollgier.
Have you seen some of the top Soldier players do rocket jumping? They go so far so fast!
by Pain(t) April 27, 2021
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To take a wordrocket jump/word
I went crazy and was rocket jumping like a mad man!
by Dr Ian April 10, 2003
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