The practice of Rocket Jumping, and then proceeding to kill a player while in-air using the Market Gardener in Team Fortress 2.
Hightower isn't played for Payload Race, tis the land of the market gardening soldiers!
by CloneTrooper1019 February 8, 2016
A Team Fortress 2 phrase. Flying in the air crazily and hitting your target with a shovel before you land, after Rocket Jumping. Usually used by Trolldiers.
Didja see that sick market garden on that sniper halfway across the map!
by boi15 December 22, 2017
When a crazy patriotic Mann drops out of the sky to deliver you 195 damage in the form of his meme spoon in the popular game team fortress 2
Bro did you just see that? He flew across the map, slid on that ramp and hit a Market Garden on that scout
Operation Market Garden was an intended operation by the American and British ground forces during September of 1944. It's main plan was to capture holland and belgium and enter germany from the north, unfortunately it failed.
September 19, 1944 was a major military operation; codename, Market Garden
by Monkey Poo August 28, 2003
a cluster fuck, a chinese fire drill
the last time the yanks let the british take charge of an allied operation
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003
Deviant Sexual Manoevre #47

This is when you interrupt a blowjob by jamming a finger or two in her asshole. Wiggle them around a bit, and then poke them in her mouth.
"Last Night I performet the old 'Market Garden"
by Devian SExual Manoeuvre! March 1, 2005