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When a friend or colleague does something to prevent rock and roll from happening.
i.e. changing the radio station from rock to rap, or the turning off of someone's amp during band practice.
"Dude, don't be a rockblock... Metallica is on."
by Skittles135 November 11, 2008
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The notice of an engagement ring when sizing up a potential mate.
I saw this hottie the other day at Starbucks talking on her cellphone. She smiled at me and I thought to myself, "Game on!" That was until I approached the bar and saw the band on her cellhand. Total rock block!
by Drewsus September 06, 2007
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To block ones harmony music joyride for no reason at all.
I was hit with a rock block that took me on a demon hellride. I was shunned by the Jame session. I heard no rock and roll music at all!
by Wesley Willis October 25, 2004
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When someone turns off a song you like just as it gets to the good part.
I was in the car with my friend when a Lady Gaga song came on. I tried to listen for a little bit, but my friend just got way too into it so I had to ROCK BLOCK him.
by GPREANY July 26, 2011
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a cockblock performed by placing a ring on that bitch's finger and marrying her
Like when Fred had been talking to the cute waitress at Texas Road House for weeks before he saw her hand and realized he'd been rockblocked
by deathsled November 16, 2006
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Preventing another person from attending a music festival or concert by 1) employing mental or emotional manipulation devices, 2) being involved in some accident or tragedy, 3) having or causing a family emergency, or 4) scheduling a conflicting event such as a court hearing, wedding or funeral.
I had tickets to Bonnaroo but my sister rock blocked me by getting married that weekend.
by mylegalninja June 06, 2019
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Similar to a cock block, a rock block is when someone or a group of people purposefully sabatoge a drug deal. Although this term has roots in the crack cocaine trade it can be used for all kinds of drug deals which go bad. Busted gang membems will sometimes cooperate with police and rock block in order to get a reduced sentence for their own crimes or they'll rock block out of revenge.
There was a bad rock block last night so now the whole group is split in 2 over tensions.
by Sid Barrett January 20, 2011
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