A person who dresses old fashioned, looking & dressing older than their age .
Janet had a, soulful hairstyle . She looked like one of my great grandmas.
by Don•Kea January 24, 2019
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A soul for a soul means that for one to obtain the soul stone you must trade someone's soul for the soul stone, this is what happens when thicc-daddy thanos trades his daughter's soul for the soulstone in infinity war.
Equivalent exchange, a soul for a soul.
by Neganan9000 September 15, 2019
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Synonymous with, “On God,” “On my momma,” or “On” anything. If you say On Souls you better fucking mean what you’re saying because it carries more weight than anything else in this world. The true connotation behind “on souls” is immeasurable and breaks the Richter scale of semantics. Prudence and timeliness is necessary to perfect the use of “On Souls” in daily dialect.
Friend: “Yooooo, this shit is ripping mad hard right now, I can’t feel my
Fucking toes.”

Me: “Are you fucking around or
not man cuz you’re making me nervous about this gas.”

Friend: “Nah dude this is the best shit I’ve ever smoked and that’s ON SOULS!”

Me: “Holy fuck bro, pass that shit this instant then!”
by Alerunie December 23, 2019
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I just made a deal with the devil.. I sold my soul for an brand new television
by Alessio June 18, 2003
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the spiritual, non-physical part of someone or something which is often regarded as the source of individuality, personality, morality, will, emotions and intellect, and which is widely believed to survive in some form after the death of the body;
She is the soul of discretion
by Ankhbayar August 10, 2005
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Soule's are truly lovable, kindhearted, funny, and gorgeous. with similes as bright the sun, the will lighten any mood , in a second. They often struggle with balancing their own problems with others, always putting others before themselves. If you have a Soule' you have everything to lose if you push them away. Keeping the close to your heart will be a treasure hard to find among anyone else. You will truly find a safe place, in the words of Soule'.
Man that soule' is truly beautiful!
Wow, did you see that Soule'.
by Royals Idi0t February 10, 2018
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An intangible imprint of your body in a virtual world.
I'm taking a few days off work for some soul searching.
by Dewey Decimal Kid July 25, 2006
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