Robert is a amazing, cunning and beautiful young man that will never fail to win over a girls heart. He is capable of fucking yo bitch but he is a decent young male that respects women and is never considered a “fuck boy” by girls.
Robert loves Oneisha
by Penis face January 13, 2018
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A some-what shy, sweet boy with a great personality. He spends most of his time thinking about stuff even though you may not notice. He doesnt think he's smart. Picks the wrong crowd and sometimes makes the wrong choices. Often looks down on himself, which causes himself to slack off. Usually under a bunch of pressure by his peers/family. Always contemplating something. Sometimes does/says things without thinking it through beforehand. He doesn't think hes attractive.

But in reality: hes one of the gorgeous things you'll ever meet. Hes Really sweet and loving. Doesn't hurt anybody intentionally. Does his best to please his family. Robert will not be afraid to tell you what hes thinking or feeling once you get to know him. He will put somebody he loves before his own happiness. He is super funny and will never fail to make you laugh. He likes music and and occasionally, math. And hes great at keeping secrets. If you ever meet a Robert dont ever let him go. It'll be the best choice you ever made in your life.
Girl 1: I'm so unbelievably in love with this guy, hes makes me feel like i'm the only girl in the world!

Girl 2: Ahh, you must have caught a Robert. You're so lucky!
by itsNobodyImportant November 23, 2010
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the guy u meet and u will never regret meeting him. he makes ur heart smile. he is ur dream boy with that perfect smile. with robert, it isn't just about the looks, he is the whole package. robert is that guy where u will want to go to all his football and lacrosse games and cheer him on. robert is a special guy. don't ever let him go or u will regret it forever. robert ur the perfect guy and don't forget it please.
That dude Robert is the guy you don't skip on Omegle.
by urhatiscute July 17, 2019
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Better than everybody else,if you think otherwise Robert will come and get you in his white van.Do not mess with Robert,you will regret it.

by WhereIsHeWithTheMilk? November 23, 2019
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He's an amazing guy with a great personality. He screws up just like everyone dose but always knows how to fix things right away. He's one girls
World in one whose body and he should be very lucky.
I love Robert so much because I know he loves me and tries in everything!
by Faith.guyer February 16, 2016
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absolute chad gamer will beat u at any videogme but is also top athlete in his country and the most intelligent. can fuck yo bitch anytime he wants
by bobby5t1 January 26, 2021
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