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"Learn to play", mostly used by elitist pricks in games when new players ask questions. "n00bs" brother.
Player1: Hey how do i jump
Player2: ltp
by DeadSnipe January 10, 2009
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Lost The Plot: When you loose the plot; go crazy; go insane; no longer no know what you're standing for.
He's gone crazy/insane!
He's lost the plot!
He's LTP!
by dukenemesis September 15, 2007
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"Lunch Time Perv." A lunchtime activity with a colleague that combines eating lunch and perving at men and/or women.
"hey bro, LTP?"
"Sure! I'm starving and i saw some hot legal chicks in the cafeteria"
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by cwtosh July 16, 2018
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in golf terms it means late tee time please, usually put next to ur name in a competition because u might have something important to do early in the morning, can't get up early very well!! etc
person1: hey theres a competition next week have u put ur name down to play in it
person2: ye but ive put ltp at the end because im not very good at gettin up
person1: lazy bastard!!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) August 25, 2009
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