Belinda, Kamal, and Dan were riv as they leaned up against their lockers at the high school
by Kamal Riddick December 16, 2008
act of being cool, smooth, and fresh
Belinda, Kamal, and Dan were riv as they leaned up against the lockers at their high school.
by Kamal Riddick December 21, 2008
A dirty scumbag who would always rat you out. This person is no good for anybody and could never be in a mafia
Carlos is such a god damn Riv! He needs a good stitch or two to keep his lips shut
by Knightblade mc.bob January 30, 2019
Riv is the name for a beautiful girl who is passionate with everything she does she is a loyal friend that loves books and art she always puts maximum effort into any task and is the best bestie you could ever ask for she is sometimes a bit crazey and loves to talk memes with her closest friend she is obviously a cat person (and I swere that all Olivia's have big houses) riv is short for olivia. Even though time will lead her dow a new rose and she may try to push you away NEVER give up on her cuz she is going through alot
Riv the nickname for a girl called Olivia
by Nrko March 31, 2020
resident of land called 'Rivia' in Andrzej Sapkowski's novell 'The Witcher'
riv - citizen of Rivia

Rivia - name of land
by krriv June 9, 2009
teacher : 'Once a Riv always a Riv’

student: just call me a slur and get it over and done with
by fvchka\hbdcgicuashvvbo zdf April 29, 2021
1. Riverside CA

next to murda val
sur de berdoo
fuck corona
hood1: i just ran outta bud
hood2: fasho, lets cruise out to the riv, my homie has some bomb bubba for cheap
by yournamecansometimesbeblank November 24, 2009