3 definitions by yajohnson

a joint rolled up with weed and tobacco. a splif. may also contain small amounts of mugwort and/or mullein.
rich -short for ritual
you got any ritual on you?
mmmm -smells like ritual in here.
let's hit that rich bitch.
we're going to go git rich.
by yajohnson August 20, 2009
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1.components of a mess . the kind of stuff that's lying all over your house and you need to put away. if you have kids, you most likely have a considerable amount of traing at all times. Usually it's all mixed together and all over the place. There's also work traing (loose paperwork, markers and pencils, coffee cups from the morning, somebody's bobby pins with hair still on it -all mixed together) and car traing (napkins, banana peels, sunglasses, your planner.....)
2.a commotion or confusing scene, sometimes involving many lights and sounds.

it's more fun than shit
1. We're gonna have clear out this gang a' traing if we want a gym in the garage.
2. I couldn't take a left cause there was some bulltraing going down at the corner.
by yajohnson August 19, 2009
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