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'Ritika',a name not so commonly heard,it means 'joy,Of Truth'.generally used for females in Hindu religion.She is a package of excitement.she has this gorgeous smile which a guy could live for,she is extremely gorgeous and yet very caring for her life partner,she could take all the burdens upon herself just to make the world a happier place.they are usually good at singing and have the most creative minds in the world.
They do have a mild chance of looking up to scorpions as their partners
Ritika,come to the party and make it joyous.
by -forevermates July 29, 2018
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A sarcastic name for singer and songwriter Dua Lipa
Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
by Expired Ravioli February 03, 2021
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embodiment of sexy, fun, and derpy
We all need some Ritika in our lives
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by anonehmous May 25, 2016
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awesome person with cool friends and a spectacular boyfriend but can be vary weird and is really funny
man i wish i was a ritika!
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The kind of N-word that does not appreciate the modern usage of the N-word.
Don't be such a Ritika, ma n***a!
by Ragzputin April 07, 2014
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