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A very unique person. You can look for a Rishabh your whole life and will be very lucky if you come close to finding one. He has an extraordinary personality. Full of life and ambition, his sense of humor will leave you gasping for air and holding your stomach from laughing so hard. Usually, he stresses too much about school work and has a bad habit of not responding to your texts. But a Rishabh cares about his friends and is a genuine person. Loves elephants and Nicki Minaj. He's a pocket full of sunshine. He's just the kind of person everyone loves. Always bouncing off the wall with his never ending energy, a Rishabh is probably the best person you'll ever meet.
"How many light bulbs does it take to lit up a whole room?"
"Usually a lot, but Rishabh is here so no need for any."

"How's it going with Rishabh?"
"Eh, you know, just a little trouble in paradise."
by InfiniteCR April 21, 2013
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An intellectual with both common-sense.
An Ideal Man for a beautiful girl. Having Good looks and the showstopper of the era.
Hey .. I would like to marry a Rishabh.
by thisdicsucks February 18, 2011
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Someone who grows facial hair as a social experiment even though it looks nasty af and repels females. A Rishabh also makes stupid puns that don't make sense 93.4% of the time. A Rishabh will forget a lot of the things they say and tell their friends that they heard him wrong. A Rishabh also never hangs out with his friends because he claims he has a lot of work to do, even though most of that work is self-imposed. Most Rishabhs also suffer from mild to severe boba addictions and often replace meals with cookies and/or ice cream because they are too lazy to wash dishes. Rishabhs tend to have weird sleep schedules and take random naps throughout the day. Rishabhs like to copy their friends' accessories, such as glasses, and are the biggest bandwagons you know. Rishabhs are also the best friends you will ever have and will bring you food/massages at any time of the day.
"Wanna hang out tonight?"
"Sorry, I can't, I have to read a bunch of textbooks."
"Damn man, don't be a Rishabh..."
by chilichiken3 May 20, 2018
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buy the domain for your recipe vlog
A child prodigy, who discovered the muffin. Discovered the secret to eternal life, and was Einstien's BAE. Born in 2500BC this man went by many names, including , Marc McGuffin, and Jakepreet Gupta.
Bill: "Why does donald duck eat bobbins."
Joe: "IDK. I blame Rishabh"
by JakePreet Gupta April 08, 2017
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Hes this indian dude that goes to the gym everyday and is a bodybuilding guy and claims he has a sixpack
"dude i have a sixpack"
"you could have rephrased that as "Rishabh""
by hello i dont know if you knw w December 27, 2017
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An assless person and a chronic masturbator whose preference is doremon and shisuka porn.
Dude, he has turned into a rishabh
by Shutthephakup October 06, 2018
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Rishabh is a gamer, loves to draw, goes to the gym, and most of all is an idiot. He thinks he's smart, but he's clueless. He loves pizza more than anything. And he's lame.
"Rishabh is a hotdog."
"Yeah, he really is."
by destined_to_amaze_ August 23, 2016
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