The act of running the edge of your tongue along the rim of another person's anus, pleasuring the sphincter through sexual stimulation.
My girlfriend gave me a rimjob while I was asleep. I broke up with her when I realised what she had done.
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by DantΓ©'s Inferno December 12, 2015
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The process of licking the anal orifice of an individual who positions themself so that their ankles are place behind their head/neck.
Hey your mom just gave me a rimjob.
by Mac Barber August 29, 2003
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When you go to a tire place and ask for rims on your tirea
Sir can I have a rim job please?
by Ric Spade November 12, 2020
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To lick or suck the anal opening.
I got a rimjob last night from my boyfriend, and damn, it was great!
by Jenna July 05, 2002
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Absolutley disgusting
'Can I rim you?' - 'No, go away you freak'
by Hendlesberry October 01, 2003
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A rim job is an act by a sick... sick person.
a performance where one licks the dark outer ring of anothers anus hole.
Can also be used as a curse or used in "name calling"
Scenario 1
Person 1: I gave a rim job last night!.... what base is that?
Person 2: ... You sicken me.
Scenario 2
Person 1: hi, my name is Prudence, you guys are my best friends!
Person 2&3: SHUT UP RIM JOB!.... sodomiser.
by Damian Neate May 22, 2006
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