A Rimjob is when you sexually lick the rim on your car. In order for this to work, you must be very intimate and personal with sed car.
"I gave my first Rimjob today...It was sick man!"
by CockConquerer February 22, 2017
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creating a state of the art phone that millions love, then letting Apple and Android leap frog you as your company is destroyed.
Their failure to keep up with the competition shows a complete RIM-job like approach to their product development.
by santaprof July 10, 2012
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To cheaply improve the appearance of a car by installing fancy wheels
"Sten's car is looking good!"
"Not impressed -- it's just a rim job."
by fredje July 22, 2012
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when you go to the car wash and you want to get your rims all bling blingin' you ask the guy for a rim job
"I went to the car wash today and got a rim job now they be so clean you can see your reflection"
by Mohammad March 30, 2004
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1. When a Mobile Carrier drops coverage over a large geographical area.

2. When the Blackberry Network goes out . . . WORLD WIDE.

Adopted use after Research in Motion (RIM) dropped the ball and caused a data outage that effected Blackberry users world wide for several days in October 2011.
Dude 1: I'm not getting any emails on my Phone.
Dude 2: Bazingo! Its a fuckin' RIM Job!
by Gus Tolliver October 12, 2011
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Getting a job at the company Research In Motion, abbreviated as RIM.
Hey! I just got an interview for a RIM job!
by Jeff_Awesome October 12, 2006
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"Oh, why that's when you put your legs behind your head and have someone lick your ass!"
~Cartman's mom, the south park movie.
see above.
by wouldn'tyou like toknow December 25, 2003
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