Oral-anal stimulation for the purpose of sexual gratification. Enjoyed by those who have tried it, feared by those who have not. Married couples typically overlook this in their foreplay.
Steve's getting married next week. He better get all the rim jobs he can now!
by Cap July 02, 2004
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The act of cleaning or polishing ones bicycle rims.
by Cid September 22, 2002
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Also known as Rimming.

The surprisingly pleasurable act of licking or having ones own sphincter licked.

The process of performing a Rim Job can be fraught with dangers such as stumbling across clingons, the rimee releasing an air biscuit, or simply encountering a particularly unhygienic ring piece.
That Klim loved giving Rim Jobs.
by Gwyndaff January 30, 2004
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The splendid art of enjoying the flavor and scent of your womans tailpipe while you gingerly lick and sniff her funky rusty sheriffs star. All this culminating in a total mouth to tailhole suction and licking resulting in a thorough cleansing and an anal orgasm for her.
There's nothing better than giving my old lady a rimjob before I eat her pussy out. After that she'll usually suck my dick.
by King Rimmer December 30, 2004
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using your tongue to fondle the outside (and inside) of your partner's clean ass hole in a circular or lapping motion
The hot bi-curious 22 year old guy first freaked but then moaned with pleasure when I gave him my famous 15 minute rim job.
by Chicago Rim Jim December 29, 2004
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To orally stimulate someones asshole in a circular motion, probably feels pretty god damn good.
My asshole feels so good man since that girl rimmed it.
by Nun ya bizness January 09, 2005
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