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Could possibly mean 'Real'.

Created by a 16 year old Ocean Shore boy.
Everything about me is rill. My breasts are rill, my eyelashes are rill, my hair is rill.
by CarterHP June 22, 2011
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Real And Ill Combined

Used Usually When Describing A Person To Gangsta For Other Words...

Sometimes Used To Describe Things Also...
"Nigga You Real" "Nah Nigga I'm Rill!"

"Yo That Nigga Rhaw Is Rill As Fuck WOOOOOOOOO!"

"Damn This Cheeseburger Is Fucking Rill!"

"Yo You Hear That New Jay Z Track That Shit Is Rill!"
by Rhaw October 16, 2006
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Those lenses made of glass which you put on your head to see better. Modern internet slang.
Guy A: I'm going to get glasses next week.
Guy B: Lol wtf u gonna get rills
by xAnonx01235 April 27, 2012
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Rill is equivalent in meaning to Rillo.

Both mean: A cigarette.

Rill is a derivation of the word "cigarillo," which is a stylized way of saying, "cigarette."
Yo, let me bum a rill off you, yeah?


Where the fuck did I put my rills? (while patting one's pockets.)
by vox monitor July 04, 2005
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Verb: To fuck someone. Typically performed directly in the ass using a banana touched by the great KOKO.
If you don't stop teaching biochem I'm going to rill you in your ear you strumpet.
by Tim February 23, 2004
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The best way to say yes i'm on top of it or i've completed it don't ask anything else.
person A: you get that project done buddy?
Person B: Rill
Person A: oh, alright. sorry for bothering you, i'll be on my way now.
by ~Leaf~ August 05, 2018
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