"You are cool or authentic". This term is usually used after someone does some amazing or cool. Some one else Would say "You Real". As they are "Real" or cool/authentic for doing a certain task.
"Oh, You Real you got those new nikes."
by SchoelZ August 19, 2011
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A way of asking someone if they're being serious, generally in an insulting manner. Equivalent to asking "Are you serious?" in response to a stupid question.
Simpleton: Dude, wanna go run through the cacti?
Dude: Are you real?
by Jacci O October 21, 2007
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When someone says something so outrageous that you have to clarify their sanity.
Dude, are you for real? I got an F!
by melovestacoswithapassion January 6, 2011
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MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. Kevin Durant ( a guy you usually see on this meme) was talking about his mom while receiving the MVP Trophy on the sixth of May 2014 and called her ( his mother) the real MVP. After that this phrase indicates that somebody has done something really well, or so it's considered to mean.
Guys, who pay for Netfilx and let others use their account , you the real MVP
You write a good online review on a product? You the real MVP
by Illuminatus February 7, 2015
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Well, technically, uh, nah.
"Are you a real villain?" Said Robbie Rotten

"Well, technically, uh, nah." Replied Robbie Rotten's Dream team.
by Betrayalth January 16, 2017
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You're the real "Most Valuable Player". It's a congratulatory term.
"Whoever leaked the nudes"
"You the real MVP"
by This is a name September 7, 2014
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To impose an act violence, sans Benicio Del Torro: Usual Suspects
He'll flip ya, flip you for real!
by GOD March 2, 2005
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