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Riley is a very sexy and has a great personality usually he’s peaceful but get him mad and he’ll tear your head off Riley can be a very good listener But sometimes not Riley is very loyal to friends and don’t ever tell lies Riley is the funniest person out there and can laugh over the dumbest stuff
Girl#1Riley (boy) is so hot

Girl#2Riley (boy) is mine back off
by Blair manning03 July 05, 2018
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A boy who plays a lot of sports and is actually good but at home he is a slouch and plays video games. He loves GTA V and Fortnite.

He is easy to get girls but normally gets dumped within 2 years. The girl ends up cheating on him because he gets to annoying with his games.
Girl: Why Won't Riley Get Of The Game and Talk To Me
Riley boy: the game is more important
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Riley is usually referring to a person of interest and a funny smart guy.
Girl 1: wow Riley (boy) is so funny
Girl 2: I know and he gets great pussy
by Refridgerator4 October 30, 2016
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Riley. This is the name of a homosexual male who plays FORTNITE (#7). He has a tiny pangus, tic tac sized actually. He will try to lure girls to suck his pp but beware, he is GAY, and he HAS AIDS. I’m not talking about anyone specific but Riley is typically a cracker boi who needs love, because he doesnt have any friends and needs a life outside of videogames. He will act like he likes sex but hes a virgin who knows nothing at all and is actually autistic.
Neighbor: I saw Riley (boy) outside in his backyard fort touching weiners with his fellow cracker friend. It was gay.
Friend: He’s so gay, but he refuses to come out of the closet. He’s really self concious about his tiny pp.
Mother:He has AIDS. I found this out the hard way. Beware.
by yahyeetusthyfeetus December 17, 2018
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