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Slang name for a fellow rower (crew mate) who takes part in rigging boats.
Rower 1: "Yo rigga, grab me some tools for this boat"
Rower 2: "Alright rigga, let me finish rigging this first."
by Deliveryboy6263 June 08, 2010
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A term that is an alternative to the word "Nigga" Which in many people's opinions, only black people can say.
Rigga you better fucking give me that money
by Ching Chong Chinese Boi July 26, 2018
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The most laziest form of species in the Marine Corps, consuming alchohol while packing parachutes, and taking long lunch breaks while hung over (usually lasting 3/4 of a work day)
Hey Rigga, Pass me that 40, we have to pack chutes all night tonight.
by Bid Sad March 15, 2010
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A rigga is an oil rig. This slang is often used to refer to an oil rig by the crew of the rig, as a form of disrespect to the rig. This choice of language shows familiarity with the oil rig and a distaste for the proceedings that continue within.
Man, I can't stand being on this rigga. I just want to go home.
by Merriam Swagster January 03, 2018
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2 litres of beer purchased takeaway from certain areas of new zealand. it may come pre-packaged in a plastic bottle or in some places you can take you own bottle and fill it yourself using bar taps for a discount (cos you don't have to pay for the bottle).Riggas were the mainstay of students in the 80s and 90s but seem to be going out of fashion due to pretension and more credit being available.
Dude, I am going down to the bottle-o for riggas. Do you want one?


Bruce: my flat rigga would be better than speights.
John: Ah c'mon, Speights is better than vb.
Bruce: My flat rigga of harringtons is better than both.
by singmal January 11, 2006
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