-Slang for sex
-A vehicle
-A sexy person
-I rode Sarah all night last night
-Check out my new ride
-Oh damn have you seen Josh recently, what a ride!
by DennisDictionary November 13, 2016
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To get on someone's case about in an irritating way.
"My teacher is totally riding me about that lame project."

"Dude, that blows."
by word lady July 25, 2005
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Your vechicle. A car or truck. Whether it a junker or sweet it's still a ride.
"Man, don't smoke them cigs in my ride. They smell like shit."
by "Big C" June 12, 2008
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this is pretty much just a word that rappers use to say there gonna kick some ass.
And if you want trouble, bitch, I want the same thing,

And you know that I'm gonna "RIDE" with my motherfucking niggas,
Most likely I'mma die with my finger on the trigger,

Don't worry bout mine, I'mma grind till I get it
And tell all of my niggas that the sky is the limit,
by Baloon February 06, 2008
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v. 1. the act of a person being talked about or bantered. 2. To play the 'dozens' 3. to jokingly treat someone so bad, they fellings get hurt.
"I was riding Toni yesterday, cause tried to talk shit abot my shoe."
"The other day I saw this girl ride this dude so bad, he jus had to shut-up."
by Deborah Myles November 11, 2006
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1. reference to a vehicle that a person is driving
2. to ride motocross or go on a ride
3. Little Red Ridin' hood
Yo check out that ride foo. That ride is sick yo. Let's go for a ride.
by Drop 'EM low ridaz June 20, 2003
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