1. a slang term for sexual intercourse
2. a slang term for a car, usually a nice one
1. "Hey, want me to give you a ride?"
"ok. you want me to drive you home afterwards?"

2. "dude, check out that ride."
by bopyloo April 04, 2012
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"Hay luke did you get rides from that chick last nite?"
"Oh fo' sure!"
by JMCoughlan November 24, 2008
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1.sexual possition with the female on top
2.when something has to be done
3.picked up from the streets
1."come on girl, ride me"
2."you gunna let that shit ride"
3."give me a ride home, i got 2.25 on gas"
by Chitooneism September 15, 2005
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only idiots use it.
person 1: "hey d00d check out mah new rides!!"
person 2: "shut the fuck up you loser they're called sneakers!!!"
by phiona April 24, 2006
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for boys it means a car (ride)
for girls, it means shoes, heels or any other type of footwear

usually used by cliques or is addressed by friends to each other
I have a fancy taste for rides.
by jazzicalinstrumentalist January 10, 2011
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When a girl/woman cowboys on your huge dick.
Man: Hey girl, you want a ride?
Woman: Ooooh yeah...

5 minutes later...
Man: Ooooh yeah, your pussy is so warm.
Woman: *moan* Ohhhh! Ohhhh *squirts on the floor* Put that sausage in my giant pussy!!!! Ohhhhh yeah...
by ILickVaginas July 27, 2018
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someone who is incredibly hot (as in beautiful). Some one who you would give a ride. Predominantly an Irish slang word
When seeing an incredibly hot person walking by to exclaim "ride" (as in "wow, they're hot")
Or in a jokey way you can ask a friend "ride?" (meaning - do I look like a ride or what?)
by Alcatraz June 21, 2006
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