Is a person who is considered to have lots and lots of money
Elijah Grant Swainbank is a Rich Man
by Wintercrazy October 13, 2018
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Is a person known to have a lots of money
Elijah Swainbank is a Rich Man
by Wintercrazy October 13, 2018
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Noun. Top Quality Cocaine.
So named because of the analgesic (pain relieving) effects of cocaine, and how it can be used excessively, despite the expense, by the wealthy.
Mr. Richworthton is complaining of a migraine, please take this $1000 and get him some Rich Mans Aspirin from his dealer.
by GlamKitten November 8, 2011
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A fantasy world where the poor working class italians dwell. In rich man's land they can have anything they want and everything they envy of their neighbors. In this land they can buy the finest cars, the best clothes, mansions, multiple homes and beautiful women. It's a dream world to make up for their poverty-stricken real world. It's fantasy land.
I'm from rich man's land.
by sonnypoorboy May 17, 2008
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An orgy where couples have sex in different rooms with the doors open. The couples do not swap partners—the titillation is derived from hearing the faint moans of other couples through the open doors.

Compare to a poor man’s orgy, where the orgy participants can only afford one room, or even only one bed.
“Hey babe, what’s your kinkiest fantasy?”

“I would LOVE to have an orgy, but one where I only have to fuck my partner, and not all those gross randos.”

“We should try a rich man’s orgy! I hear that’s what they do in hollywood”
by Anonymous2998 December 11, 2021
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An Infiniti. A hyped up Maxima or Altima. A Japanese BMW-Lincoln wannabe. A Rich Folk Datsun. An overpriced Econo Box. A brand that makes you feel that you have some expensive and exclusive. A disguised Nissan Maxima / Altima for Rich Folks. A Hyped Up Pathfinder, XTerra with Leather Seats.
My son is going to college and I do not want him to drive a Nissan. We going to get an Infiniti (Rich Man Nissan). So he will not be embarrassed.
by Jack Strapp September 17, 2007
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