The most amazing person to ever exist and has amazing cosplays
Omg Trannykaito (ribcage) is so amazing and hot ugh
by *wips and nae naes* May 8, 2021
The front "bucket" on a Honda NC700x motorcycle.
I put my wallet in the ribcage
by Hypergena December 3, 2020
the attribute of your ribcage protruding from your back and being extended to the point you can use them to stand rather than using your normal legs.

those who have ribcage spider legs may have also developed a blood hydraulic system and some makeshift joints within the ribcage spider legs allowing them to actually walk using their strange bone protrusions.
person 1: "Hey did you hear that jimmy developed ribcage spider legs?"

person 2: "Dude wtf! how did you get in my house?"

person 1: "jimmy gave me a ride." *points out broken window*

jimmy: *bone crunching noises as jimmy approaches the window* "my darkened soul hungers for your flesh."

person 2: *screaming*

person 1: "hahaha classic jimmy"
by gechlorsh the unfathomable October 28, 2021
Something that, when spoken, elicits some really disturbing connotations.

Never use this word. Please.
Me: Hey what's the cafeteria serving for today?
Friend: Soup
Me: Oh, what kind of soup?
Friend: Dunno, but I scooped up a ribcage, some fresh chicken broth maybe
Me: Ewww stop!!! I don't wanna hear that ever again!!!!
by UwUltimateDoge January 12, 2022
When a red-head shoves his fist up a ebonys asshole and grabs there ribcage while trying to rip it out.
Bro. I just Irish ribcaged that fat black hoe!
by Elijja193 January 15, 2017