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A very intelligent person because she came from Malaysia or China (valedictoRIANN)

Who will become president of the world (dictatoRIANN)
BFF's with people from Ecuador (ecuadoRIANN)
Hates kids basketball (kindeRIANN)
Can kill you with a glance (scaRIANN)
Procrastinates her work (procrastinatoRIANN)
Makes gross faces (bizarRIANN)
Always formal (ordeRiann)
Doesn't have a boyfriend yet (loveRIANN)
Loves Athletic Pinoy's with glasses (FilipiRiann)
She is probably mad now (AngeRIANN)
I would love to marry Riann
Keep Calm and CarRiann
by Very Fat Dog February 09, 2018
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A womans name.
beautiful stunning loving intelligent
Women named Riann are typically loving caring and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.
by Haligirl September 03, 2008
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Wild, curious predators


1) Have books laying around the house. Buy a mosquito net. Catch wild Riann

2) Call her Yan Yan. Treat her with kindness, feed her, or YOU'RE NEXT.

3) Feed her the whole chocolate factory, ice cream, and the whole chinese buffet.

4) Give her phone. Fruits and other stuff she asks for.

5) Listen to her or you go in jail cell. You die. Funny conversation. Book talk

???: Yan Yan, we have no more chocolate

by Potalex May 29, 2018
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This be my name, and I’ll just describe myself:
Arab-Hispanic Muslim chica ready to slap a bitch, gay as hell (lesbian whatever), I stay over at my girlfriend’s house (the girl I am dating) quite often, and I’m a literal queen (least I act like it)
Damnnnnnn... that chica looks like a RIANN... we should go be friendsssss
by RiannXimenaThatOne September 18, 2018
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