"Rian Johnson" is synonymous with the literary element of "Subversion". This term is usually used when a writer writes backward in the story to force a surprise on the audience. This move is typically viewed negatively by the audience due to the writing walking back on previously establish content, which most tentative audience members feel their attention to detail is not being rewarded.

This term was born after the release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and is in reference to the Writer/Director Rian Johnson.
"Wow... I can't believe the Game Of Thrones directors Rian Johnson'd the show so Arya could kill the Night King as a surprise"
by Jake Skywalker May 5, 2019
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A fan-fiction writer that performs character-assassination on a universally beloved and admired character.

The guy who killed Luke Skywalker.
I totally Rian Johnson'd Ripley here by having her abandon Newt and help Burke collecting specimens.
by some dude from '79 August 12, 2019
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to do something spectacularly stupid
My new baby sitter used to be a peadophile but he's ok now. Real cheap too.

I really Rian Johnsoned it.
by fandom menace September 6, 2018
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'The Last Rian Johnson Film' is another name for Star Wars - Episode 8: The Last Jedi, as it refers to the fact that so many people hated that film. It is basically hyperbole for the hate Rian Johnson had received, as you could imagine that in an alternate timeline he would never be able to make a movie again.
by Krismo_Ren June 4, 2020
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The greatest work of fiction, that is, to even suggest its existence, now or in fact ever in the future, after the director’s Last Jedi went down like a lead balloon, destroying the franchise.
I’m afraid it’s bad news Mr Brown, I’ll tell it to you straight. It’s a rather aggressive tumour. Your chances of getting to 60? Well, I’m afraid I’d have to say you’d have more chance of seeing Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy…
by Vice Admiral Gender Studies October 28, 2021
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Director and writer of great films such as Knives Out. Also the subject of hatred that goes to such personal level by Star Wars fanboys (not fans, but fanboys) just because he wrote and directed The Last Jedi, which was doomed from the beginning, regardless of who made it.
Star Wars fanboy: Rian Johnson is the worst director ever! He ruined Star Wars!
Me: Really? A film series that has always been hit and miss? Also, if he’s the worst director ever, then why was Knives Out so awesome and fun?
Star Wars fanboy: Ummm… ummm… because he directed The Last Jedi
by BuffaloBillsFan2005 July 14, 2022
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