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What a legend. Looks like alex palfreyman. He is a god of the dislexians. He has the power of the stride with him like the force. He has staring competition with random people in lesson. He always wears a sexy blue suit and a random coloured tie, his belly is scattered over five countries symmetrically as his ocd would kill him.
Mr brown and his dislexian town
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i talked to my parents about it and they were at a party in the 70's and their friends were heroine addicts.

Ay bro, lets go rock chuck some Brown.

We ready for Mr. Brown.

The whole place on the lookout for Mr. Brown
We've got, plenty of clues and forensic files
Plus, envious crews, so we trip for miles...

It's Mister Brown!, legendary assignment
Searchlights hover, but can't seem to find him
Track down whatever you can in the mist
In this case, it's strictly the hand of a fist
So .
by Dan.Deuces. July 10, 2006
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Another name for a male homosexual, according to the 1988 version of the Random House Thesaurus of Slang.
Did you see that Mr. Brown? He was totally checking you out.
by One dude. May 24, 2009
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