People exuding a heightened level of trashiness, classlessness, and low intelligence.
The term derives from students that attend a public school solely because they reside in close proximity to the school (i.e., "residential students"), as opposed to attending the school for a specific higher-level program (i.e., "magnet students"). Use of the term, however, can also be applied outside of the school context, and to people exhibiting these characteristics in the broader world.

"Look at those rezzies fighting on the lawn."

"Akon - Beautiful ft. Misc rezzies"

"Did you see the way she talked? Uch, such a rezzie."

"Estimated attendance of the Raiders game: rezzie"

"OMG, there are so many rezzies here. Let's leave before we get robbed and/or dumbed down."

"I need a shower; there were so many rezzies at Magic Mountain today."
by Magnet student April 15, 2010
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A build up of resin, causing a blockage, usually at the mouth piece of a joint, bowl, or blunt.
Yo get something to scrape the bowl , the inside of it is getting all Rezzie.
by whiteboinoob January 31, 2011
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