An electronic music producer signed to mau5trap, the record label owned by producer deadmau5. She's known for droning bass house and a rabid fanbase.
Did you guys see Rezz up in Chicago last Friday?
Yeah she was performing in Aragon Ballroom.
by DrJava November 13, 2019
Hey man whats good?
Mad Rezzin
What does that mean?
Its a joke down at the bury
by rdmf May 27, 2010
For an epic/awesome/amazing feeling or moment . That's is a rezz moment
Jack : oh my word did you go to the party last night ?!
Tom: yeah! It was so rezz!
by Sinayyy December 23, 2012
I was rezzing my teammate and got shot!
by Goulstem December 8, 2018
The Rezzness is an amazing god like being he truly is the peak of development. He is super tough can withstand mountains Landslides Tsunamis even hurricanes and Volcanic eruptions The ultimate perfection that is who he is and who he will always be an absolute Masterpiece.
Person 1 Hey did you hear about that guy called The Rezzness?
Person 2 Yeh he saved that baby from 200 billion crabs that carried machine guns what a Legend.
by The Rezzness May 20, 2019
A word commonly used by Native Americans referring to individuals who have been deprived contact of mainstream society for so long that their mere existence is limited to life on an indian reservation. And once this contact with civilization has been re-established, the individual ceases to function properly or is unable to adapt to the world around him/her. Thus, making them seem a little out of touch in social situations.
"Ever sick, did you see how rezzed she is?"
by klayer July 28, 2006