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hot, sexy, steamy latin lover, very exotic knows how to give his lady just what she needs. Very dominant in the bedroom and well endowed. Cool, calm, collected, suave. Name generally translated to mean ruler. Reynaldos usually can show you exactly why they were given this name.
Have you seen how all the girls just fall at Reynaldo's feet?
by kittycat13 February 09, 2010
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a funny ass cartoon made by a group called locoarts of argentina. it is about a muscled guy with a mustache, drives a red ferrari and is forced to kill people by a teddybear that likes them bad words.
run like hell if you see reynaldo or your done!!
by woodenstone July 18, 2006
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an egg headed fagget who gets rejected by girls every single day
by younghova June 25, 2003
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