When the female pulls back the hood and inserts the clit into the male's urethra. Because the clitoris is very sensitive, it creates a sharp tingling sensation upon contact.
I had reverse sex with my boyfriend and man did it tingle
by Sweetpea & Baby Cakes January 31, 2008
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When you've gone without sex so long that you think your virginity is growing back
Can we hook up? I haven't had sex in ages
No way dude
Alright. Thanks for the reverse sex
by Lucky_Icecube June 24, 2017
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An Ian typically small in size like a smurf that has his girlfriend bite his dick off... He then gets on all fours and asks for her to fuck him in the ass
Hey babe can we have downward reverse smurf sex I don't feel like a man anymore
by Jwhoptiewop April 24, 2016
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