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Also known as the clitoris (or clit for short), is regarded as the female penis for a few key factors:

1. It is the most sensitive part of the external female genitalia from which pleasure is derived (similar to the head of a penis)

2. It becomes longer and harder when aroused (similar to a penis)
The female penis is able to penetrate the man through reverse sex
by Sweetpea & Baby Cakes February 01, 2008
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Another term for fingering - originates in a role playing act in which the male acts as a "naughty" massage therapist and the female lays on her stomach, acting as a client.
First he started by massaging my shoulders then he gave me an internal massage!
by Sweetpea & Baby Cakes April 15, 2008
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When the female pulls back the hood and inserts the clit into the male's urethra. Because the clitoris is very sensitive, it creates a sharp tingling sensation upon contact.
I had reverse sex with my boyfriend and man did it tingle
by Sweetpea & Baby Cakes January 31, 2008
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