a device that makes ice super fast; or beer icy cool real quick; or cool down pizza thats to hot so you don't burn the roof of your mouth.
"i could win the invention of the future contest, remember i made that reverse microwave?"
by Yard_Bird January 13, 2004
A sexual act in which the man penetrates the woman after she has left snow or ice in her vagina until it is below 32 degrees Fairenheit.
Dude, I reverse microwaved that girl. My dick got frostbite.
by diddydubs November 1, 2011
a not yet invented device that - unlike ordinary microwave ovens - cools down food or beverages in an instant
Person a: aw, my budweiser isn't cold anymore!

Person b: just put it in the reverse microwave, it'll be cold in a second.

Person a: great thinking! - wait, it isn't invented yet?!

Person b: oh yeah, that's right. Sucks.
by vulvasker November 12, 2009