When you and your ex ( or equivalent) breakup and they have sex with someone to get "Revenge"
BM: She's just revenge fucking him to make me mad
Friend: damn bruhhhh
by Aeg7 November 30, 2016
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To have sex with somebody (usually after a break up) because they look like your ex. This will usually help in getting over the break up by helping you move on to having sex with another person, while at the same time giving you a feeling of revenge towards your ex.
In the Entourage Pilot episode, Turtle is telling Eric that he has found some girls to come back to the house for the night - one of whom looks like Kristen, Eric's ex-girlfriend.

I’m on ass patrol. I’ve got a six pack, one of them kinda looks like Kristen.
What are you, an asshole?
I’m just saying – revenge fuck!
What, I’m gonna revenge fuck someone just cuz she looks like my ex?
Pfft, I would!
by Archie Manning February 12, 2010
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To have sex with someone your victim hates for the express purpose of using it to get back at them in a future argument

My husband hates the guy next door, and I think he's cute, so he's an ideal revenge fuck if my husband ever hurts me.

by Stevo Smith July 18, 2006
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To screw someone other than ur current (or ex) significant other for the purpose of retalliation (in some instances, a person both parties know, so as to inflict even greater psychological damage)
Kelly: "after i saw Michael with some whore, i decided to go over to his best friend John's house for a revenge fuck."

by Agent M August 29, 2006
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